Today, there are huge environmental problem across the world, with excessive consumption. In rough numbers , of all produced food, we throw 25 % in the trash. Of all this food waste, 35% is vegetable and fruits. These are horrendous facts, and it has to change! It’s about time we start reducing our vegetable wastage and start regrowing our food- for ourselves and for our future generations.

” I have always been very passionate about environmental questions. A few years ago I read an article about the possibility to regrow vegetables. I have since then been regrowing plenty of leeks in my kitchen window. However, I came to the notion that the leeks needed some support in order not to lie flat on the counter. ” 

– Madeleine Nelson (creator and designer of Regrow)


After experimentering with different prototypes, we found that a triangular frame to be the best solution. The triangular frame makes it easy to place the product on many glasses/ vases.


The new design needs to keep the leeks steady and straight which will give a bigger regrowth. Regrow is an easy-to-use tool for recycling food waste, as well as a beautiful and a welldesigned decoration for your home.


In February of 2017 I had a collaboration with Swedish design store Designtorget. I got the opportunity to prelaunch my design and it got tremendous positive response from the media and the public around Europe as well as the US. Since February I have been looking for a manufacturer, and now I’ve found one. Hopefully Regrow will be in stores again soon!


There is a saying that one individual can’t save the world but maybe Regrow can at least give a little push in the right direction.